Tinglesfield Together

Community is important, and especially so in these difficult days of Covid-19, self-isolation and lockdown. To help the very local community, I’m putting this page on my website specifically for everyone who lives in my street.

I’m Chris and my wife is Donna. We live at the top end of Tinglesfield.

I’ll add information to this page as I find it. Meanwhile stay safe as we all look forward to the relaxing of lock down as soon as the government judges it’s safe to do so. You can look at the rest of my website or not as you choose, but Tinglesfield information will always be on this one page. Why not bookmark it in your web browser? – tinyurl.com/tinglesfield

WhatsApp – I’ve set up a WhatsApp group, also called Tinglesfield Together, WhatsApp lets you post a message for everyone in the street to see. You could use it to chat, ask for help, or pass on useful information. You can sign up if you’d like to be included.

Offer to help – Some local residents put a helpful leaflet through our doors in mid-March, kindly offering to help in a variety of ways. If you’ve lost it you can download a copy (Important: Annica’s phone number has a typo – if you phone her, the number ends in 9, not 8 as shown. She is on 07754 362849).

Covid links
Covid-19 support group (whole of Stratton)
District info about Covid-19
Government info about Covid-19
NHS advice about Covid-19
WHO info on Covid-19
Wikipedia info on UK Covid-19

Other links
Cotswold District Council
Nextdoor – Connects people in local areas, often has useful info
Stratton Association
Town Council
WhatsApp group (whole of Stratton)

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