Sarah Reynolds

Sarah has focussed on collaborating with producers, writing, tracking and editing vocals, and releasing some songs

Sarah Reynolds is a talented song writer, composer and music producer who also has considerable ability as a singer. Her most recent release is ‘Covers Me’; she wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and sings the track too.

I was impressed when I first heard this song and liked it more and more on listening again – see what you think…

This particular song fits right into the genre of Christian music, but Sarah’s musical tastes are far more wide ranging than that. She’d like to develop her work in a variety of ways, writing music for TV and film for example; she has abilities and skills in recording, mixing, and production as well. That adds up to an unusual and valuable breadth in understanding and communication across the whole spectrum of roles in the music business.

Bio in a nutshell

Sarah was brought up in the Cotswolds in a house that was full of music. She learned piano and flute during her school years, at ten she was performing the lead role of Joseph in the school production of ‘The Techicolour Dreamcoat’, and she has a Music A level. Sarah achieved Grade 8 on the piano and then began improvising, taking a keen interest in the music of Alicia Keys’ early albums. She taught herself guitar while at university.

Sarah began writing songs as a teenager, and played in a songwriting competition at ‘The Cavern’ – Yes, that Cavern! She also began working with sound engineers, producers and other musicians, recording some of her songs, performing gigs around London, and learning more about production, recording, sound engineering and mixing.

Going forward

Recently, Sarah has focussed on collaborating with producers, writing, tracking and editing vocals, and releasing some songs. She works with others online a good deal, quite an advantage in these days of Covid-19. She’s always looking for talented writers, producers and artists to co-operate with, and to learn from. Here are some examples of her work with others:

In the future, I hope Sarah finds more great people to work with – I know she has significant talent and wide experience and won’t disappoint!

You can follow Sarah online:

Author: Chris Jefferies

3 thoughts on “Sarah Reynolds”

  1. I’ve read this now thanks Chris. Very interesting, and a nice song. I wonder if Sarah might be interested in the website of a friend of mine in Stroud? He’s been a professional musician all his adult life, and at some point in the future he might be looking for a girl singer to collaborate with. Not at the moment, but some time. He’s not interested in Christian music but she might be interested in his website anyway. It’s Who knows, you might be interested in his guitar playing!

    Loads of love,

    Cindy xx

    On Fri, 17 Jul 2020 at 16:17, Journeys of Heart and Mind wrote:


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    1. Was it Tim you introduced me to once, just briefly, Cindy? He seems a very natural player and singer, but I bet he’s put in a massive amount of work over the years. Thanks for leaving the comment. xx


    2. Hi Cindy,

      Thank you for your kind comments, for taking the time to listen and for sharing Tim’s website 🙂 I’ll definitely check it out!

      All the best,

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