Like a waterfall

A waterfall breaks the pattern of a river’s flow

Part 3 of a series – What are we doing?

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I’m sharing a vision and message I received recently because, although it was primarily for a small group I meet with weekly, I think it has a much wider application as well. Sometimes Father shows me things when I am not particularly trying to listen to him. But on this occasion I was prompted by something a friend had said and I’d set aside some time to deliberately look and listen to the Spirit. So without more ado, here is what I saw:

Father showed me a waterfall, there was quite a big drop and the water was crashing onto rocks at the bottom. It was not huge like Niagara, but high enough that you wouldn’t want to take a boat over it!

And I sensed the Spirit saying the following words which I wrote down at the time:

A waterfall breaks the pattern of a river’s flow. The water always responds to gravity, but rarely flows freely towards the source of attraction (the centre of the Earth), normally it’s constrained by the river bed and the banks on either side, and only makes very slow progress downwards. But just now and then it gets the chance to flow freely towards the centre of attraction. I am that centre for my people, I want you to flow freely towards me, unrestricted by the channels you normally occupy.

But those channels are comfortable and seem safe, when they are taken away you feel in danger and vulnerable. This is not just true for my people, it’s true for everyone. You can see how the normal and comfortable has been taken away during the current Covid-19 crisis. Jobs, family contacts, high street shopping, watching a film, education, visiting friends – all these things have changed. And the normal patterns of church have changed too. So what remains? Ask yourselves what remains. Ask yourselves what is important.

The water flows differently when there’s no channel and it has complete freedom. That’s true for living water too. The loss of a channel is not a disaster, it’s an opportunity – think about that too.

I called you to be part of my waterfall, not part of a constrained river.

Do you see church as a channel you flow along, something that contains you and controls your flow? Do you see the value of complete freedom to rush headlong towards Jesus like a waterfall, with no channel to contain and direct your flow?

He is our Master, our Teacher, our Shepherd, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. He gave us life by breathing his breath into us, and he has given us new, spiritual life in the same way. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, he is Living Water, he is the Light by which we see. He gives us gifts including the gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, and teacher. He calls us to follow him, to say what we hear him say, and do what we see him do. Given all of that, how can we possibly allow ourselves to be channelled by anyone or anything else but him?

He said, ‘Ask yourselves what remains [when the normal channels of church have changed]. Ask yourselves what is important’. And he said, ‘The loss of a channel is not a disaster, it’s an opportunity – think about that too.’

Perhaps we should take him at his word. What remains of normal church life? What is important? What are the opportunities?

Should we go back to the old channels as soon as that becomes possible? Should we cling to church, or should we cling to Jesus? Should we follow habit and tradition, or should we follow Jesus? Will we turn to church to disciple us or will we turn to Jesus to do that? Is there a difference? I think there is an enormous difference. What do you think?

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Author: Chris Jefferies

8 thoughts on “Like a waterfall”

  1. That is a beautiful buffet of wisdom that you have carved and shared with us Chris. Thank you so very much, it spoke to me in many ways, just as the river runs with raw power, so too does the word, rushing through us, cleansing the darkness, breathing new life into all of us.

    Considering what is important in life, understanding what is vital and what is flotsam, the act of understanding importance, is perhaps importance itself…

    All My love.

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  2. Thank you Chris. You pose some interesting questions here that I have also been considering lately. Sending you love and wishing you joy xxx

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    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Ruth. Are you able to share a little about how and why you started asking these questions? I think many people go through their entire lives without giving it a thought at all.


  3. Funny how we get so easily distracted. Everything is about Him. Bible says everything was made through Him and fir
    for Him… Clinging to Jesus is what we need to do. Im finding a barrier, as you know I am batteling to cross. But clinging to Him for me us the way.
    Thanks for the email.


    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Kevin. We ARE easily distracted. Yes, you have been battling, my friend, but you know who to cling to – and that is the biggest part of the battle by far! Well done 🙂


  4. Chris this is very intriguing. My personal experience has been my activity on social media with posts that are Jesus through and through has seen amazing reactions For example in a Christian prayer group, I felt led o join, a recent post is up to 4.3k as of a few minutes ago. I have had a quiet ministry going on with a couple of people over social media that were clearly brought about by Jesus. Channels create through a different medium. It’s 3.30 am and I usually have a quiet time around now, posting Christian material, reading the Bible,and prayer, sometimes led by the Spirit. Father has been working on me more during this lockdown time than at any other. Thank you for sharing God bles

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    1. Thanks for sharing this, Chris. How exciting! It’s very clear that all Jesus wants from us is a willing heart and he’ll express himself through us to touch those around us. He is amazing, and he’s so straightforward!


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